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What a wonderful idea, a World Children's Art Gallery!
A place to meet and exchange visions, to learn about each other'slives and culture and ideas. And what better way to do this thandigitally!

To look at all the world we should look with the eyes of a child, open and full of wonderment, accepting what we perceive without judgement.
This is what we grown-ups must learn from children.

The way to best express our feelings and visions when we are not able to be together is to share them through the internet with drawings and paintings.

That is the essence of the World Children's Art Gallery and I'm happy to be invited to participate in it.


The child is an angel,
The singing voice of the child is sound of nature,
Children's pictures are a culmination of true

Jeffrey Su (Art Professor, Fine Artist)


Children of all countries draw !

I also drew a lot when I was a child - have a look at my poster created from my drawings!

It is a very nice and useful idea of the < >
to make your future life better together knowing each other through drawings.

Jan Rajlich Jr., ( poster designer, Brno, Czechia )


( Click image )

Please enjoy his masterpiece, unique painting style,
and beautiful color harmony.

Valuable pure feelings and creativity !

Children in every country are all cute. And born innocent
I would like to nurture the children's pure feelings and creativity greatly and carefully through paintings, photographs and sculptures.

Ric Noyle ( Photographer )


Ric Noyle Photograph :

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Drawing is talking with images.


Stang Gubbels
( International Illustrator ) website fietskleding agent facebook instagram citystang webshop


I did a very large project, a fencing around a void, for the youth section of a library:

For Center Ceramique in Maastricht, Stang designed a fence of 64 meters long around a void about the history of Maastricht, from the Romans to his own inventions, rider on deer, st. Servaas, the Mosasaurus, ceramics, Napoleon, the angel of Maastricht, weird birds and snouts and much more. 44 panels, laser cut in white powder coated steel.

Client: Municipality of Maastricht, interior design: Kinkorn Tilburg, graphic design: Zuiderlicht Maastricht, illustrations: Stang Gubbels, laser cutting: Smolenaers construction, surface treatment: Hessels coatings, production: Kloosterboer Decor.

The Center Céramique is a multifunctional building in Maastricht in the Céramique district of the same name, located on the corner of Plein 1992 and Avenue Céramique. The building was designed by Jo Coenen and houses, among other things, the Maastricht city library and various exhibition spaces. The interior has recently been completely renovated at this time.

Stang Gubbels

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Children's artwork is a treasure of this world. It is a pity that people are doom and gloom these days.
So let's cherish and appreciate these children's creations - for hopes , smiles and happiness for the beautiful future!!

Reiko Yamadashima ( Comfortable Life Observer / English teacher )


Children of the world,

Remember that you carry in your hearts the hopes and best dreams of your parents and all your ancestors. You are the best expression of it.
Use your art to teach the world what you want it to become. Dream, design and inspire!

Fernando Muniz Simas, (Canadian package designer & prsident)


The world of Kid's imagination is the beginning of understanding shapes and colors expression of the real world.
They draw without worries for perfection with their raw skills even though we see the same as them.

Their innocence allows them to imagine freely using full of primary colors and uncontrolled lines.
The end result is a beauty by itself no one can question.
They just smile at you!

Jimmy Kang (Art Lecturer, Figure Drawing)


We are looking forward to the day when the children's original and relaxed "imagination" will someday become the "creativity" that changes the world.

For this purpose, adults must not discourage the ideas and talents of their children. Perhaps the biggest things an adult should do is to support, not interfere in the child's growth.

Children, spread your wings freely !

Institute of power to make a happy for ourself and the surroundings.
Representative: Mr. Kiyoshi Tsuji


The World Children's Art Gallery is a long-term grassroots volunteer
project to help children around the world grow, learn, and connect
with each other through showcasing their artwork.

(Volunteer Group Communication Officer)
Rachel Schiff