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We sincerely support the development and activities of the "World Children's Art Gallery," which ICO has been working in recent years.

The world is now facing difficulties including various Covid strains. We as adults, have the duty and responsibility to solve problems including education, environmental and economic disparity so the children who will lead the next generation can prosper. It is extremely important to create an inclusive place.

It is also important for children to draw, show, and interact with each other regardless of ethnicity, language or political system.

Like music, painting is a powerful non-verbal communication tool and is considered to be a means for anyone to participate. In addition, it is a powerful medium that connects parents and children, and it is very effective in uniting the divided world into one.

In the 17 agendas of the United Nations SDGs, there is the statement that "no one will be left behind", but it will only be possible if there is a place where anyone can participate.
This "World Children's Art Gallery", meets that criteria, and I strongly support future development.

General Incorporated Association
"Brain / Mind and Intelligence Fusion Research Organization"

Director / Takeshi Kamokawa










理事 :   鴨川 威


To all the children in the world:
The pictures you draw are all precious treasures.
We provide you opportunities to express your art and connect with someone globally through your creativity.
Please participate in our project!


Yuriko Fujimoto
"Kids' World Art Gallery" (Volunteer committee membes)


Paintings express the possibilities of the child’s heart. The sky could be pink, the ground could be blue, it’s all right no matter what color. Let children's thinking flow freely. Sometimes language doesn't communicate sufficiently, in which case the heart will do the job.



"Kids' World Art Gallery" (Volunteer committee membes)


李璟 ( Li Jing )

The beautiful ancient town of Suzou coexists well with the modern citysc ape. 

                                                                                              Li Jing  ( oil )


Drawing is talking with images.


Stang Gubbels
( International Illustrator ) website fietskleding agent facebook instagram citystang webshop


I did a very large project, a fencing around a void, for the youth section of a library:

For Center Ceramique in Maastricht, Stang designed a fence of 64 meters long around a void about the history of Maastricht, from the Romans to his own inventions, rider on deer, st. Servaas, the Mosasaurus, ceramics, Napoleon, the angel of Maastricht, weird birds and snouts and much more. 44 panels, laser cut in white powder coated steel.

Client: Municipality of Maastricht, interior design: Kinkorn Tilburg, graphic design: Zuiderlicht Maastricht, illustrations: Stang Gubbels, laser cutting: Smolenaers construction, surface treatment: Hessels coatings, production: Kloosterboer Decor.

The Center Céramique is a multifunctional building in Maastricht in the Céramique district of the same name, located on the corner of Plein 1992 and Avenue Céramique. The building was designed by Jo Coenen and houses, among other things, the Maastricht city library and various exhibition spaces. The interior has recently been completely renovated at this time.

Stang Gubbels

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Children's artwork is a treasure of this world. It is a pity that people are doom and gloom these days.
So let's cherish and appreciate these children's creations - for hopes , smiles and happiness for the beautiful future!!

Reiko Yamadashima ( Comfortable Life Observer / English teacher )


Children of the world,

Remember that you carry in your hearts the hopes and best dreams of your parents and all your ancestors. You are the best expression of it.
Use your art to teach the world what you want it to become. Dream, design and inspire!

Fernando Muniz Simas, (Canadian package designer & prsident)