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Children's Heart and Picture Study Group
You can find out the psychology and talents of children from the pictures they draw. In this "Children's Heart and Picture Study Group" corner, let's talk about the phenomena and worries that occurred at each family and study with the advice of experienced people.  (Go to chat room)

Children begin assembling their own world view before the age of ten.
This creative stage forms the basis of the child's life.
Children's drawing are a very important and valuable activity for this foundation work.

Even though many children dislike math, they usually want to draw.
However, adults play the abacus in their minds, but rarely draw pictures.
When children draw they exercise the developmental process of the mind. This self-expression is crucial process for growing up.

World Kids Art Gallery
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Investing in a child's visual communication today will contribute to
a more harmonious tomorrow.

In the near future, our global society will transcend race, ethnicity, and religion. For the next generation of children who will make up this society, a common contact place for international exchange is important. One of these places of exchange is the “World Children's Art Gallery” where selected children's creative arts will become a visual language which overcomes all language barriers.

Children from all countries have pure hearts and dreams and the “ Children's World Art Gallery '' will reflect this.

Will this common place for children's drawings be useful for future children in creating a peaceful community and fostering international relationships?
We believe in these possibilities and have launched this long-term project with your cooperation.

In addition, ICO's “World Children's Art Gallery” plans for an international “Children's Painting Festival” in the near future.  

Children are one third of our population and all of our future
( Select Panel for the Promotion of Child Health, 1981)